Looking for alternate sustainable stable income source.

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There is a hidden gold mine from swiftlet farming.

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Wait no more. Ride the bandwagon of agriculture in swiftlet.

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Why Swiftlet Farming?

Swiftlet farming generates sustainable wealth through Edible bird's nests .


Swiftlet farming is an emerging industry, seizes the opportunity to benefit from this huge market.


Swiftlet farming is sustainable industry, the demand of edible bird's nest is up trend.


Never before did swiftlet farmers and researchers congregate together to exchange ideas about successful swiftlet farming methods.

Solid return

Raw bird’s nest sells at about few thousands per kg. Swiftlets that produces the edible bird's nest are found mainly in Southeast Asia

Swiftlet Facts

Swiftlet's Edible nest statistical data.

1 tons bird's nest consumed/year
1 US$/ kg of Raw Bird's nest
1 species produces edible bird’s nests
1 years in chinese cooking